SINCE 2021


I like to express my sincerest thanks to my family and friends for your contribution to help the children of Nicaragua.    Without your generous contribution, I don’t know how I would have managed to give so much to so many children.  Helping these children mean the world to me.  Thank you so much for your generous contribution and for helping me collect clothes.

Thank you to team for working with me countless hours 12 to 15 hours a day every day when I am in Nicaragua: Andres Olivares, Federico Castillo,
Carlos Morales, Lucia Morales, Ligia Zuniga, Leslie Castro, Claudio Cuadra, Alejandro Lacayo and Nicole Lacayo and Estefano Lacayo.

> My parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles
> Leon Family – Karla, Jorge, Daniella, and Andres
> Gianncarlo Ortega

> Paniagua Family – Cynthia, Alfonso, and Andrea

> Green Family – Patty, David Green and Daniel Green

> Gonzalez Family – Kaitlyn Gonzalez and Magda Gonzalez

> Adriana Dorta and Joseph Love

> Austin Family – Steven Austin
> Rodriguez Family – Rebecca, Chela, Daniella

> Ransom Everglades teachers and students
> RE Athletics Department
> Victoria Druehl
> J. Felipe Vaz Amaro

> Olivares Lacayo Family – Ivan, Alexandra, and Andres

> Lampidis Family – Ted, Fei, and Kimmy (Palmetto)

> Ricardo Conticello

> Martha Solorzano
> Triago Rincon Family

> Dempsey Family – Liam Dempsey
> Sarif Family – Miami, Beach

> Austin Family – Steven Austin
> Nicaexpress International Logistics

>Huete Family – August Moon Huete

>Janielisa Espinosa
>Sophie and Victoria Abreau
> St. Thomas the Apostle School
>Leonel Perez

> Luz Hoyos

>Natalia Iglesias

>Valentina David

>Juliana Herranz
>Marli Resende

>Ximena Botero

>Fresia Arguello

>Maria Amanda Velasquez de Rodriguez
> Ransom Everglades teachers and students

> Lucia y Ernesto Mantica

> Oliver Segal