Thank You Team

Aside from breaking the piƱata, Art classes is one of their favorite activities.

Municipio el Realejo is a united and teamwork oriented community. Everyone I’ve become connected to is lively and ready for adventure. My goal within this community was to make some sort of impact that would leave the kids here with new mysteries to discover. I could see that the younger kids were more expressive through pictures and drawings. I decided it would be perfect to introduce art into their daily lives. I work with kids of all ages here teaching them general skills in art, math and English. The ones I help with English and math are typically older kids around the ages of 10 – 15. In order to stay consistent throughout the time we aren’t together, I started conducting virtual classes for the kids who were able to join and eager to learn more.

Working in Puerto el Corinto is constantly an adventure because it is unlike the places I’ve been to so far in Nicaragua. This community is joyful, proud and hard-working. Every time I come back to distribute clothing and teach the children here and work, it ends up becoming a big party and celebration. I know most of the community and they know me, so theres’s always a sense of family and love when I’m here. Every child here is driven and eager to learn, something I find in common with every community I visit. So far we have covered general math, art, and English skills in person, and currently virtually.

A large amount of the kids I sponsor do not attend school. It is not because they don’t want to, it is because have to help assist and provide for their families by going to work or caring for their siblings. When getting to know each child it is clear that all of these kids are full of curiosity and drive to know more. Their inability to attend school isn’t their fault. Many of the older kids were eager to learn English because they dream of coming to the US in hopes of a better life. Their motivation motivated me and made me even more dedicated to helping them the most I can. I created mini “curriculums” so I could tutor them.